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High Water Bill?

An unusually high water bill is usually the sign of a leak. Leaking pipes may be hidden deep underground and may be difficult to locate. We use a variety of sophisticated technology to pin-point leaks with accuracy, saving you time and money.

What we do

Just like a needle in haystack, we find the smallest of leaks that can create the biggest headaches.

Leak Detection Rosebank

Leak detection

We use the latest and most sophisticated equipment and methods to locate leaks. Thermal imaging cameras, ultrasound, gas location and pipe location is all part of our repertoire.

Leak repair

As soon as the leak is located, we take action and repair it. No matter the size or severity, we repair them all. Each leak detection is unique and we advise our clients on the best possible solution that fits their needs.


We understand the mess and inconvenience of having your property dug up. We maintain an ‘invisible’ policy and aim to leave every site as if we had never been there. Every brick and blade of grass is returned to its rightful home.

How we do it

By combining best practices and the latest in technology to solve your water leaks and high water bills.


Use of acoustic equipment to identify loud spots on piping systems, effectively assist us in locating hidden leaks.


Used to trace hot water lines within buildings. Thermal cameras can see roughly 30mm to 40mm into walls or plaster.


This technique is used in conjunction with Ultrasound and is more accurate when it comes to pinpointing issues. Usually used externally where clients are experiencing high water bills.


Used for locating galvanized pipes on the exterior of buildings.


Track how your drainage and storm water systems run. See the depth of piping systems and locate exactly where a blockage or break in your system is.


Measures water consumption or loss. Aids in leak detection as well as an early warning system for possible leaks. We can generate daily reports with hourly consumption readings.


Used to clear blockages in your water systems.


Used to check the condition of your drainage and stormwater systems.

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About Us

i-Find Leaks: JHB’s No.1 specialist Water Leak Detection solution

Our Mission

To be the best water leak detection service in JHB. We will locate and repair all types of water leaks on time and within budget. Our mission is to bring down high water bills and help save our clients thousands of Rands.

Our Values

At i-Find Leaks we pride ourselves on our workmanship. We are highly detailed, neat and concise skilled artisans that puts us head and shoulders above our competitors.

Our Philosophy

No matter what the size, we will locate and repair all leaks. Our mission is to service industrial, corporate and residential water leaks.


iFind Leaks responded immediately to our desperate plea over a weekend to find a water leak on our property. Within a few hours the leak had been detected and over the next few days, a new main water line with convenient valve system installed. All tiles and repair work was neatly finished and tidied up. Graham and his team provided a truly professional and cost-effective service. We are very happy customers!

Jacqui and Mike Wilmot

Graham and his team were outstanding! They helped our water leak situation with incredible results. They are quick, friendly and professional. We would recommend iFind Leaks to anyone!

Kate & Rey Nefdt
Thanks to Graham & his team for the professional and prompt resolution of my water leak situation. Greatly appreciated.

Preggy Govender