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Message from Graham Hill

Owner and founder of i-Find Leaks

There are some cornerstones that are fundamental to operating a business, any kind of business for that matter, from running multinational corporations to selling coffee on a street corner, every business transaction is based on these core requirements. Trust, Service Excellence, Product Performance, Integrity and Safety Standards are what we have found to be some of the most fundamental values that successful businesses have in common, and what have become the foundation on which we at i-Find Leaks stand firmly on.

When considering the nature of our work, we are conscious of the stresses that our clients and potential clients are faced with when in need of our services. Whether it be concern for privacy and safety when letting a service provider onto your private property or maybe you’re a facilities manager for a large commercial building and it’s your responsibility to ensure optimal and safe functionality of all water-related infrastructure. No matter the scenario, our clients need us to turn a difficult situation into a convenient experience of good customer service and effective solutions.

Let’s look at how we approach the above-mentioned cornerstone values.


They say that you are your business and to see the best results a business owner needs to be on the front lines with their various sake holders. I personally select, train and operate in the field with the i-Find Leaks team.


We have a culture of respect for our fellow citizen, when you deal with i-Find Leaks, you can expect to be respected. We take the time to acknowledge you as our valued customer, the nature of the job seeking our expertise and the unique requirements that emerge in various environments of work. This approach we find, gives our customers the confidence and service level that they deserve, we are all consumers and services providers in our own right and the better our service standards are for one another, the better our economy and society functions.


i-Find Leaks employs the best in water leak repair technology. This forms a major part of all the other values we stand by. Good equipment and technology help build trust, service excellence, improves safety and efficiency, which benefits our operating teams as well as our customers by improving quality and speed of work.


Safety standards are our absolute true north when operating in water leak & repair environments. Every member of i-Find Leaks understands the full weight and value of operating safely and consciously.


Along with all the above values that we live by, we have what we call an ‘invisible’ policy. We understand it’s difficult to have leak repairers dig up your property. It’s messy and inconvenient, that’s why we try and maintain this ‘invisible’ policy. Our aim is to leave every site as if we had never been there. Every brick, blade of grass and rock is returned to its rightful home.

I hope that this short message has helped you to understand a little more about us at i-Find Leaks. Please feel free to contact us for any of your water leak detection & water leak repair requirements. Put i-Find Leaks to the test on our competencies and our core values, we are confident that you will not be disappointed with our service.

We are also starting a digital content campaign to keep you informed and entertained by everything water-related, after all, water is our greatest and most valued resource. like and follow us on social media if you would like to engage with our upcoming content campaigns.